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Well beyond the Middle Ages and cradled in Greek mythology, this ancestral place attests that wine has already been flowing in La Bougrie for a very long time. The existence of an ancient site decorated with a Greco-Roman porch has been found where people came from distant lands to honor Bacchus, god of the vine, wine and festivities, but also of dance, of vegetation, the pleasures of life and its excesses; anyone who lived there was called a bugger ...  

Leaving conventions they were labeled heretics by the Inquisition.

That said, during the 13th century, the order of the Templars brought a new breath as well as a coat of arms representing a trefoil cross in saltire surmounting a heart. This escutcheon was found fashioned in falin (shell stone from the region), a unique piece dating from the 14th century and kept in our cellars with its original pediment. This ancestral coat of arms has been integrated into the official logo of the estate.

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This vineyard draws its source from our respective Angevin family origins. This meeting produced a common project to promote this terroir across borders with a vision of excellence. The vines of La Bougrie have constantly expanded with the establishment of no less than 8 grape varieties on a rich and vast terroir devoted to the vine.

From now on, the young family generation gradually integrating the teams will ensure the long-term destiny of the estate.


An environmental approach was confirmed with the construction in 2011 of a low-energy * cellar, unique in the Loire Valley, then, in 2020, with HVE level 3 certification for the entire estate.

The "Independent Winegrower" label, accompanying our estate for decades, thus attests to the authenticity of our production.

Finally, our desire to strive for excellence is reinforced by our  distinctions in France and internationally .

Vincent Goujon  &  Benoît de Montleau  

       V ignerons associated for 20 years

Origines & Philosophie
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