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HVE Certification - Level 3

The Domaine de La Bougrie is committed to viticulture that respects nature and its biodiversity. In 2020, obtaining the Level 3 High Environmental Value label corresponds to the highest level in terms of certification.


This approach is based on 4 performance indicators:  

-   the preservation of the biodiversity of the vineyard; presence of hedges, grass strips, trees, flowers, insects ... and the pressure of agricultural practices on the environment reduced to a minimum (air, climate, water, soil, biodiversity, landscapes).

-   management of the phytosanitary strategy (traceability, dose control, treatment if necessary)

-   the management of fertilization and fertilizers (glyphosate suppression by grassing in the vine rows, addition of manure)

-   management of water resources (respect for groundwater, recovery of unsuitable water according to the latest standards)

Independent winegrower: authentic wines and personalities ...

The Domaine de La Bougrie has benefited from the "Vigneron Indépendant" label for over 25 years.


The "Independent Winegrower" charter commits us to:

  • We must cultivate and plant our vineyard ourselves

  • We have to harvest and make our wine ourselves in our cellar

  • We have to market our wine ourselves

A guarantee of authenticity for the consumer and, for more information, click on the logo.

Prohibition on the winegrower to buy grapes or wine, to subcontract winemaking and aging. Cooperative & merchant exclusion.

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