An estate in the heart of the Loire Valley...

In an ancestral place, the Domaine de La Bougrie extends over 91 hectares of vines.


Since 2008, this family-owned vineyard has undergone major restructuring (annual planting, creation of a low-energy wine storehouse, renewal of the wine-making equipment: harvesting machine, sorting table, press, stainless steel tanks, filtration system, acquisition of barrels, etc.) in order to develop its wines sustainably and with excellence. The complete control of the production by a qualified, rigorous and attentive team, including every aspect of the manufacturing process, has enabled Domaine de la Bougrie to gain recognition for its wines through numerous distinctions in France and internationally.


Several grape varieties have been planted on the estate including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grolleau and Pinot Noir in order to offer a wide variety of terroir wines.

A reasoned culture ...

The objective of our field is to move towards viticulture increasingly respectful of nature and its biodiversity; Already, we have started to reduce treatments and decided to go further than classical reasoned cultivation.


In view of our climate Angevin subjected to an oceanic influence of the Atlantic facade, humidity remains very present in our region which, by its excess, could affect the vegetative cycle of the vine. However, a continental influence drying our vineyards during certain months and the significant progress made in terms of treatment efficiency allow us to be very optimistic.

"Independent winemaker, authentic wines and personalities" ...

The Domaine de La Bougrie is listed as an independent winemaker.


The Vigneron Indépendant charter commits the vine grower from vineyard plantation to the final sale of his wines:


He cultivates his vineyard and respects his soil.

He makes his own wine in his cellar.

He sells his wine by sharing his passion.


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49380 Bellevigne-en-Layon


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