An exceptional domain ...

LA BOUGRIE: well beyond the Middle Ages and cradled in Greek mythology, this locality attests that wine flowed in La Bougrie a long time ago. The existence of an ancient site decorated with a peristyle is proven and people came from distant lands to honor Bacchus, god of the vine, wine and festivities, but also of dance, vegetation, pleasures of life and its excesses; everyone who frequented this place was called buggers.

During the 12th century, the order of the Templars brought a new wind as well as a coat of arms representing a trefoil cross in saltire surmounting a heart, these coat of arms were found fashioned in falin (shell stone), an achievement dating back to the 14th century. preserved and visible in our cellar.


OUR ROOTS: this vineyard draws its source from our Angevin family origins, which has constantly grown with the establishment of several varieties of grape varieties on a rich terroir devoted to vines. Shale, limestone, sand and falin intertwine, making Anjou-Saumur unique wines more and more appreciated beyond our borders.


OUR PHILOSOPHY: an environmental approach for future generations is confirmed with the construction in 2011 of a low-energy cellar unique in the region, subsequently obtaining HVE certification for the entire estate.

Finally, the quest for excellence for our wines leads us each year to numerous distinctions in France and internationally.


HVE label: High Environmental Value ...

The Domaine de La Bougrie is committed to viticulture that respects nature and its biodiversity. Obtaining this HVE level 3 label in 2020 corresponds to the highest level of certification.


This approach is based on 4 performance indicators:

- the preservation of the biodiversity of the vineyard; presence of hedges, grass strips, trees, flowers, insects ... and the pressure of agricultural practices on the environment reduced to a minimum (air, climate, water, soil, biodiversity, landscapes).

- management of the phytosanitary strategy (traceability, dose control, treatment if necessary)

- management of fertilization and fertilizers (suppression of glyphosate by grassing in the vine rows, addition of manure)

- management of water resources (respect for groundwater, recovery of unsuitable water according to the latest standards)

Independent winegrower: authentic wines and personalities ...

The Domaine de La Bougrie has benefited from the "Vigneron Indépendant" label for over 25 years.


The "Independent Winegrower" charter commits us to:

  • We must cultivate and plant our vineyard ourselves

  • We have to harvest and make our wine ourselves in our cellar

  • We have to market our wine ourselves

A guarantee of authenticity for the consumer and, for more information, click on the logo.

Prohibition on the winegrower to buy grapes or wine, to subcontract winemaking and aging. Cooperative & merchant exclusion.